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School Solutions at TopperLearning

Topper Learning and X-Factor provide end - to - end e-learning solutions to schools 

For CBSE, ICSE and State Boards

We are India’s leading Ed-Tech company and are constantly innovating new technical capabilities in smart education to help you stay ahead of the competition. Reap all the benefits of smart education through TopperLearning’s school business partnership activities.We present an exciting school programme specially designed for schools and educational institutes wherein they can help their students have instant access to quality learning resources. 

Benefits available to school

We equip schools with various teaching resources and exciting packages which help them and their students to grow better.

  • TopperLearning provides a perfect blend of online and offline learning solutions for schools.

  • Provide your students with helpful study resources, while at the same time, give your teachers innovative tools for effective classroom teaching, both leading to improved results.

  • Improved student outcome leads to creating an academic brand image in the education sector.

What the TopperLearning provides to schools?

The TopperLearning provides school solutions and offers a broad range of complementary solutions depending on which works best for your school. For school partners, we provide:

Online study materials
  • Interactive video lessons

  • Revision notes

  • Topic notes

  • Solved sample papers

  • Solved previous years' question papers

  • Instant doubt-solving assistance

  • Textbook solutions

Offline study materials
  • Video lessons

  • Revision notes

  • Solved sample papers

  • Solved previous years' question papers

Test generation interface
  • Ability to create customised tests based on Subject, Chapter, Board and Class


#1 E-Learning Platform for schools

For CBSE, ICSE and State Boards

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  • Student can select a subject for study or assessment

  • Student assignment analysis

  • Student activity report

  • Student can analyze performance to improve his scores.

  • Teacher revision system

  • Teacher can assign tests

  • Teacher can select a chapter & assign test

  • Teacher selects which students should take a test

  • Teacher views an assignment reports of the test conducted

  • Teacher views student performace

  • Teacher can generate a customized test

  • Admin can track teacher's activity of any class with report card tracker

  • Admin can track number of tests assigned by teacher at a glance

  • Admin can track report cards of all students of any class to check total tests assigned and how many students have conpleted test

  • Parent can monitor the test assigned to his child

  • Parent can view child's score on a test as well as the tests planned by the teacher.

  • Parent can plan child's learning stratagy and focus on area of improvement from previous test scores

  • Parent can analyze various activity done by child

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  • Aid to supplementary education

  • Your after school guide/ reference mate

  • Content quality

  • Designed by experienced subject matter experts

  • Based on latest syllabus

  • Affordable

  • Textbook solution

  • Videos

  • Most important questions (MIQ)

  • Weekly test

  • Past year papers

  • Sample papers

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X-Factor Multiservices Pvt Ltd is official partner of TopperLearning, India's No 1 e-learning platform.


TopperLearning is the premier E-Learning platform from the house of media conglomerate 


What People are Saying

Topperlearning is really a very good helping tool. Every time I had doubts related to any concept in PCM I posted it and immediately my problem was solved. It also helped me in scoring good ranks in competitive exams too. The topper faculty is very good. The teachers explained each and every concept in depth. 

Topper has certainly made education interesting and fun for students. Its animated diagrams and explanation of concepts can really make the most boring subjects exciting. Now I see many students being proactive about their studies and I personally feel its really good way of learning.

We all know that audio-visual medium is a better way of explaining and educating the students. It not only makes learning fun but also gives the message more clearly and precisely. Topper is a very good amalgamation of good teaching and good learning methods.

Sahibdeep Singh Sodhi
CBSE - 12 science
Nalini Bahl
Sonia Malik

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